Collage-nikov : Sausage Man


Went to Ikea, bought a bed frame. Went back to Ikea, bought a picture frame and…BANG! (There’s that kalashnikov reference we were looking for) Made a collage.

The detail is pretty rubbishy online as it’s such a big image (about 80 x 60 cm) and I took a terrible photo on my iphone (I promise to get better at it), but its a collection of images from various sources (movie poster, Interview Magazine, Archetype Magazine, a Dictionary written from some guy’s personal experience) and some handy work of my own using loose pigment and water, white acrylic paint and black ink pen. It’s basically all about Peter Thompson (the local butcher from Mona Vale where I grew up – we called him Peter Thompson Sausage Man) moving to Tasmania. The story seemed to speak nicely to the images.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! Did you hear about Peter Thompson Sausage Man?

You mean the butcher in Mona vale who looks like this: [drawing of Peter Thompson with sausages and a cleaver]? And who makes those little tiny pork sausages that are so nice with a big family roast?

Yes! Peter Thompson who used to give us a free sausage in a bag when Mum went in to buy dinner!

Oh, I thought that was the butcher by Franklins and Peter Thompson is on Pittwater Road.

Oh. You might be right.


Anyway, I think he’s moving to Tasmania.

Hanging this thing up in my new SF room until I become such a highly sought-after artiste that thieves are literally breaking into my house to steal my stuff and sell it online for exorbitant amounts of ca$h money to art lovers who want to put them in shrines. That’s me – the art lover trying to buy my stuff back. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have made ‘art lovers’ and ‘shrines’ plural.


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