Collage-mahal – Ducks by the pool


I can’t completely justify the title of this post aside from it being a witty play on the word ‘collage’ and I studied architecture for 7 years so the Taj Mahal holds some relevance for me personally…? Yeah I know it’s a stretch. There isn’t even anything remotely Indian in the above image. Sorry for not really being sorry and being rather pleased with myself instead.

Anyway, here’s a collage I made after heading out to the modern man’s Taj Mahal, aka Ikea, to buy more frames. Frames possibly made in India. And there’s that Taj Mahal creeping back in again.

Sorry. The collage. So it’s pigment and water, black ink and while acrylic paint. The images come from a magazine called ‘Interview’ from the 1970’s edited by the man himself, Andy Warhol. And they coaxed a little story out of me about the birds that hang around the house where I grew up.

How about dad when he used to chuck bungers at the sulphur crested cockys to stop them eating all the passion fruits?! Where did he even buy those? They were so noisy.

Yeah. The bungers and the cockys.

I don’t know how the ducks got away with leaving green poo around the pool all the time.

Way worse.

Mind you, passion fruits are pretty yum.

Duck 1: Ha! We get away with murder because we are so lovely.

Duck 2: I think it’s our appealing rounded bills. Duck bills.

Duck 3: We coined it and the platypus’ used it after that. They must be annoyed that we beat them to the punch.

Duck 4: Nah I heard that they’re ok with it.

Until my next eagerly anticipated collage word play.


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