Close Encounters of the Canine


Collage Me If You Can. Wait. No. Collagic Park? Of the 51 Director titles that Steven Spielberg has listed on IMDB, you’d think I could come up with a great wordplay for this collage. Wait – Nope. Nothing. Not even a dog-related pun. Wait – Close Encounters of the Canine. THERE IT IS. Changing the title of this post right now. See you later Collage Me If You Can…ine?

So – the collage. It’s a young Steven Spielberg circa 1978 with his dog Elmer. The story on there is about loneliness.  And you guessed it, it’s pigment and water, white acrylic paint and black ink pen. The imagery comes from the book ‘Romance and Chivalry’ (not sure of the author – I’ll look into it – that’s not a promise though), a bag from the Museum of Modern ArtInterview Magazine (edited by Andy Warhol) and The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine book by Max Wilk and Lee Minoff.

There was that day when mum was away in Adelaide and Tan picked me up from the hospital because I’d fallen down the stairs and broken my finger… I sat in the wheelchair because I had a bruised back and twisted ankle (and also for dramatic effect) using very colourful language when she came to the hospital. She dropped me home. The house was empty and I felt so alone. So I let all the animals inside. And I spooned the dog on the sofa.

Sometimes you’ve just got to get cuddling.


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