What Happened to the Baked Bloody Dinners?


This being the final instalment of Keith and Kev’s musings at the bowlo, I’ve provided below a brief and alphabetised list of basic Keith and Kev vocabulary for your perusal.

Australian Fast Bowler, Australia’s Pass-Time, Asshole (pull his finger out of his)

Bloody, Bowlo, Bugger, Bandicoot (looks like the asshole of a), Bourke Street Bakery, Backside (working my – – off), Barbie, Baked Dinner, Balls from their Boot Laces (wouldn’t know their)

Cricket Pitch, Clacker, Cut your Grass, Commodore, Competitive Bowls

Deal or No Deal, Dropped Pie (looks like a), Darl


Flamin Struth, Faffing Around

Galah, G’day

Head like a Half-Sucked Mango, Hooroo, Hyundai Sonata


John Burgess

King Dingaling

Lawn Bowls, Loo

Meat Pie, Meat and Three Veg, Michael Clark, Mate, Mumbo Jumbo

Netball, No Worries

Outrage (bloody)

Porkchop (carry on like a), Paperbag (couldn’t find a tennis ball in a, farts around like a mosquito in a)

Queen’s English

Reckon, Ripper

Struth, Sport, Sheilas, Spunk, Shane Warne, Sausage Roll, Snags

True blue, Telly, Thorough-bloody-bred, Top notch, Trot, Twit



Woman’s Blouse, Wallaby in a Wombat’s Hole, Wit’s End (I’m at my), World Class Lawn Bowls Team


You Bloody Beauty, You Little Ripper

Zookeeper Stuck in a PortaLoo (useless as a)

That being said, enjoy:


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