Mamma Mia it’s a Musical!


Ever heard the expression “to polish a turd”?  Some people might consider the countless days I spent working on this project as doing exactly that. I tend to disagree.

It is intended to be viewed by only those interested – which is about 3 people if you add up all the halves. And most importantly, it’s my Mothers’ Day gift to mum and baba – so it was worth the trouble.

Here’s a synopsis and review I wrote just in case Rolling Stone magazine needs a guest writer to review it sometime:

A family of Sydneysiders find that their multi-award-winning chicken is missing. Bereaved, they take the audience on a fascinating journey as they piece together the clues to retrieve her. In the darkest of times, they learn the hard hitting lessons about family: Grandma’s got this s**t covered, and no one goes hungry when mum’s around. It is a tongue-in-cheek look at society through the lens of a modern day Von Trapp family. Irresistible performances all round. Five stars.

Let me acknowledge that this was an ambitious project, and one that I am completely under-qualified to create…. or have any kind of singing role in for that matter. And yet, it exists – in all its glory.

This may be simultaneously the most terrible and most wonderful….ly awful thing you’ll see this year. If you can make it through the 2nd and the 4th song – you’re in the clear. At least do me a favour and make sure you catch the finale. The salmonella poisoning reference is worth it.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Mooom and Baba! I love you so much!!!

Thanks be to my sister Tania, who vocally carries pretty much the whole thing: Legend. Max, Klaus and Pru: Phenomenal performances. But let’s be honest, it’s mum and baba who steal the show, and for that I am so proud and grateful!


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